Adelphi University AAUP

About the AAUP


The Adelphi chapter of the American Association of University Professors is dedicated to serving the needs of faculty members.  For decades the AAUP has fought to provide justice and support for its members. 

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Did you Know?


Certain banks offer union members a reduction on the closing costs associated with purchasing a home. For more information, contact Cathy Cleaver at ext. 3295 or at

Upcoming Events & Reminders 

Chapter Officers

President: Deborah Cooperstein (Biology) ext. 4215

Vice President for Collective Bargaining: Rob Linne (Education) ext. 4411

Vice President for Grievance: David Prottas (Business) ext. 3815

Secretary: Eloise Bellard (Library) ext. 3584

Treasurer: Carol Sussal (Social Work) ext. 4433

Representative: Stefni Bogard (Nursing) ext. 4548

Representative: Craig Carson (English) ext. 4034

Representative: Carol Ann Daniel (Social Work) ext. 4440

Representative: Stephen Goldberg (Chemistry) ext. 4147

Representative: Maureen Roller (Nursing) ext. 4531

Executive Director: Cathy Cleaver ext. 3295

General Membership Meeting

Luncheon/Discussion with New Faculty

Meeting with Pre-tenure Faculty

Dates and details to be announced